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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your dishes cater to those who have food intolerances?
Yes, our chef is qualified to prepare gluten-free, lactose-free dishes, etc.

Can I organize a wine tasting at Spinella?
Yes, our sommelier is qualified to conduct wine tastings. The tasting can take place in the following formations: table service, standing, accompanied with finger-food pairings, accompanied with dinner or lunch.

Can I organize an event or a party at Spinella?
Yes, we help you organize events, themed parties, birthday parties and banquets.

Can I privatise the dining room or the terrace or both?
Yes, all areas can be privatised for company dinners, birthday parties and other types of private events.

If I organize an event, can I customize the menu?
Yes, the menu can be personalized by consulting our chef.

Is Spinella wheelchair accessible?
Yes, there’s a very small step at the front door, but we would be more than happy to help you come in if you use a wheelchair. However our toilet is not accessible, we are very sorry.

Does Spinella do catering for external events or banquets?
Yes, we provide catering for company, private, and other events and banquets.

Can I dine at Spinella in company of my pet?
Yes, as long as your pet is not a very large size. You can settle in both the dining room and the terrace (whose green grass is particularly appreciated by our client’s pets).

Does Spinella offer vegetarian and vegan dishes?
Yes, there are a few options in our menu. In addition, if you would like to make a meal vegan or vegetarian, please feel free to ask your waiter.

Do you offer dishes of the day?
Yes, every week our chef offers a lot of suggestions.

Can I order something off the menu for my kids?
Yes, on request our chef prepares dishes that suit children’s tastes.

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